Nanotechnology has been incorporated by numerous cosmetic products. But how safe these are is another question. So far, this is an unregulated industry. Voices of concern are now being heard across different groups asking for more rigorous testing and regulations over the use of Nanotechnology in Cosmetics.

Safety Concerns
a. There are, at present, no regulations on the nanotechnology industry.
b. Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a 120-page White Paper emphasizing on the necessity of more studies on the risks of nanotechnology.
c. The FDA has recommended new pathways for studying the safety of nanoproducts specially those that can penetrate the skin.
d. Environmental activists are demanding regulators to check the use of untested nanomaterials and start widespread testing with government backed funding.
e. Manufacturers indicate that government regulation will be welcome.
f. Researchers at the University of Dayton have started studies for possible toxic effects of nanoproducts.