sinus-buster.jpg SiCap Industries is the first company to release many natural products based on hot pepper components. Its well known product line Capsaicin nasal sprays under the brand 'Sinus Buster' offers relief from Headaches; Allergies; Sinusitis; Colds & Flu; Weight Control and even Smoking Cessation. SiCap has also made a foray into the market of 'Health & Beauty' products that are pepper based.

Product Highlights
a. PepperCare is a skin conditioning cream to make you free from itchy and dry skin conditions.
b. Capsiderm is a chili pepper face & body wash designed to smooth away wrinkles and lines by improves the blood flow to the surface of the skin.
c. Pepper Slim, Pepper Boost and Pepper Trim are the products to lose weight.
d. It is also going to launch two new products Pepper Flex and Capzicaine to prevent muscular joint pain and sore throat respectively.

Though SiCap's products are being sold in thousands of stores throughout North America, Europe and Asia, it is still trying for the availability of its products in every store.