Plank has recently introduced its new facial soap in the market. Called Cor's Silver Soap, this is a 100 per cent natural soap with silver as one of its active ingredients. True to its name, Cor gets right to the core of problematic skin issues. It has been said to even out skin tone, fade sun spots, cleanse, maintain moisture, replenish collagen and protect the skin from the sun's UV rays.

Highlights of Cor's Silver Soap
a. This is a facial soap containing nano-silver with silica.
b. It contains purified silver, silica, collagen, chitosan and Sericin.
c. All the ingredients of the soap are derived from natural sources.
d. It is suitable for all skin types.
e. Its pH is similar to the natural pH of the skin.
f. It is convenient and effective.
g. It cleanses, retains the skin's natural moisture, reduces the signs of aging, provides protection against photo damage and tones the skin.
h. It also reduces the appearance of sun spots and pore size.
i. It is available as 120-gram and 20 gram bars.
j. Each bar lasts for about six months.

$125 per 120 gm bar, there is a sample soap available for $12 per 20 gm bar, click here to buy