Usage, of moisturizers coupled with serum aids avoid skin problems. Serums are to be applied prior to application of moisturizers, to increase the effectiveness of moisturizers. It even acts as
nutrient delivery system. Sircuit cosmeceuticals company offers 3 serums.

Products Features

Sircuit Weopon: It puts concentrated Vitamin C, into the skin, thus enhancing the collagen production and eradicating wrinkles. It also contains ingredients that improve the blood circulation, repair skin and supplies antioxidants. It is priced at $85.

Sircuit Addict: It safeguards skin against pollution, stress and strain. It has remarkable moisturizing, properties and skin firming properties. It aids tissue respiration and delivers ingredients deep into the skin. It is priced at $150.

O.M.G. Serum: Made out of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) useful to maintain the condition all the skin layers, it has anti-ageing and skin improvement properties. The negative effects of AHA, an ingredient used in all the skin care products is eliminated. It is priced at $120.