Proteonomix, Inc. has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Proteoderm, Inc., has finalized the contents and packaging of its anti-aging cosmoceutical line. These products are likely to be distributed in the first quarter of 2009. As of now, Proteonomix has created two Proteoderm websites. One of these is for those who wish to learn more about its products and the other is meant for physicians who might wish to distribute the product line. The company claims that the skin care cosmetics are derived from stem cells.

Product Highlights
a. Proteoderm used its protein technology to develop a unique, natural matrix of proteins called Matrix NC-138 for use in these products.
b. The activity of these biofunctional proteins contained in the isolated Matrix NC-138™ NC-138 is based on their inherent
c. The amino acid composition and sequence Matrix NC-138 of these proteins work to enhance activities of the skin and stimulate collagen and glandular production.
d. These products are designed to ensure higher satisfaction and results.
e. It works to revitalize and rejuvenate cells to reverse the effects of aging.
f. It enhances the moisture of the skin and makes it more radiant and young.
g. It makes the skin smooth and soft and reduces wrinkles.
h. This line has a serum, day cream, night cream, cleanser and exfoliator. To get product updates click here enter your email address on the top right.