We posted earlier that Environmental Working Group has ranked various sunscreens based on their effectiveness. In a recent study conducted by the group, it was found that found that 84 per cent of sunscreens available in the market provided inadequate protection and some also contained ingredients that were harmful to health. The FDA is concerned that most sunscreens do not provide any protection against the harmful UVA rays of the sun. They are writing out new rules for manufacturers keeping in mind the consumer's right to information.

FDA concerns
a. Most sunscreens do not mention all the important radiation spectrums.
b. The SPF in sunscreen measures only the UV-B rays that cause sunburns.
c. It does not measure UV-A rays, which cause wrinkles and skin cancer.
d. The new FDA rules could lead to the inclusion of information on both UV-A and UV-B rays.
e. It could lead to manufacturers informing the consumers exactly what protection is given by sunscreens.