yuri-ebihara-small-face.jpg In Japan there are all kinds of crazy products which are available which claim to make face small. The trend has set foot in Japan and there are many massages, facials and change in hairstyles which are used to make face look small. To cash on this craze, beauty industry has pushed in numerous products and services to make the face look small. The product named Lostalot ( in Japanese means She lost a lot of her face ) is introduced by Shiseido Co, is the first face cream, released into market to make face look small. The cream tightens the facial skin and breaks down facial fat. In Making the face look small, the absolute size of face does not count. Beauty experts have said explained the meaning of small face as " its not a matter of absolute size but having a good balance in facial features".

Features of Having a Small face

a. Some one who has a small face has features such as large eyes, small chin and not much space around the mouth.
b. The face doesn't appear broad and flat.
c. Female faces which look childish and innocent are prime examples of small faces
d. Women who are tall seem to have small faces
e. If the head of the women makes up 1/8th of the total height, it is said to be optimum.
f. To have a look at a video of a young women is learning to use cosmetics to make the face look small visit www.g-platform.jp/company/shiseido/topshiseido.htm and scroll down to the title : "Your face will look smaller through three-dimensional makeup."