the-radiant-goddess.jpg Perfect Ten, a skin care product line from 'The Radiant Goddess', which is recently launched by skin care specialist Eileen Reid. The ingredients used in these skin care products are organic ones and they will help you effectively in nourishing the skin from inside out.

Skin Care Line Highlights
a. The perfect Ten skin care line includes a mister and serum and these are designed for all age groups of women (women in 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s).
b. The ingredients used in these products are organic hemp seed and rosehip seed oil to make the skin moisturizing and rejuvenating.
c. Organic hemp seed oil is the best nutritional oil, prevents inflammation, aging signs, and balances dry skin.
d. The other product line is 'The Rose Line', which offers a cleanser, mister and a lotion with the ingredients hemp seed oil, rose water and rose essential oil.
e. These products are offered in recyclable cobalt blue glasses with black lids.