enspri-collagen.jpg New Line Media Solutions has launched a skin care product line to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Their Enspri Collagen 5000 and Enspri Ceramide Skin Essence are high quality skin care products. The signs of aging can be arrested with Enspri's product line.

a. Enspri(r) Collagen 5000: It is 100% pure natural collagen peptide facial mask in powder form. It aids increase of skin moisture thus ensuring skin elasticity. It tones and tightens the skin giving a youthful appearance.
b. Enspri(r) Ceramide Skin Essence: It regulates the moisture loss from the skin. It boosts skin's natural ability to hydrate, oxygenate and nourish itself, thus offsetting the signs of aging and increase the ability to cope up with the damage caused by environment. It improves the skin texture and revitalizes the skin making it firm.

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