therametics-skin-care-products.jpg Therametics skin therapeutic company set up 9 months ago, has rolled out new skin products on Nov.15. The company is promoted by Brain Fuller a biochemist, who has a long track record of researching naturally occurring bioactive molecules and their effects on human skin.

Cosmetic line Highlights
a. The company develops all skin products in laboratory and are tested on human skin.
b. Product line has natural dermal serum and a cleanser based on natural compound that has remarkable property of increasing production of collagen and elastin.
b. It has baby care product line that aid in healing eczema and diaper rash.
c. Products can be used safely in place of steroids.
d. The founder of the company is researching on bringing out other products for skin ailments like acne, radiation dermatitis and psoriasis.
e. The products are currently available only at the Quail Springs Mall, in Oklahoma City.