moisturizer.jpg Moisturizer is one of the most important cosmetic potion, that one can never part with. When buying a moisturizer here are a few tips - to choose the best moisturizer according to your skin type.

How to select a good moisturizer

a. Use moisturizers which has SPF 15 or above SPF 15, only.
b. Prefer moisturizers that are in the form of lotions rather than that come in cream form.
c. Use moisturizers that contain humectants, if you have oily-skin.
d. If you have dry skin, pick the moisturizer that contain 'Silicone'
e. For normal skin type the moisturizer with emollients like squalene and cholesterol.
f. Avoid moisturizers that have fragrance.
g. In case if you pick moisturizer with anti-oxidants, ensure that the container has small opening. Else this ingredient will vanish when exposed to air.