MedSurge Advances has released two new cosmetic products as a part of its BelleDerm™ line to enhance the tone and firmness of the skin. These products are especially designed to improve the underlying health of skin.

BelleDerm Age-Defying Mask
a. This at-home treatment effectively firms and tones your face.
b. The natural ingredients of grape seed extract, green tea extract and chamomile will help you improve the circulation and make the skin healthy.
c. You can notice clear results after a few hours of the use of this mask.

BelleDerm Trim & Tone Gel

a. This product will reduce the appearance of cellulite by getting cell circulation improved.
b. The anti-oxidants in the Trim & Tone Gel corrects free-radical damage.
c. The gel also contains microbeads (carrying vitamin C) and coenzyme A to firm the skin and help in metabolism.
d. Prior to the use of Trim & Tone Gel, it is better to use BelleDerm Enzyme Exfoliator for desired results.

These products are available only at physicians and you can use physician locator at to find a BelleDerm physician in your area.