The search for the right skin product is an ongoing process. There has always been an effort to develop the right skin care system that would ensure a clean and smooth skin. Recognizing this need, Valcent Products Inc. has introduced an advanced Nova Skin Care System in the market. This system has been clinically tested and it has been proved that it is very effective in decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. This system requires customers to follow several steps everyday to restore youthful look.

Product Review
a. This system has a patented micro-vibration system that rejuvenates skin.
b. During a recent study, it was seen that the use of this system drastically changed the appearance of the skin in a positive way.
c. It was seen that 80 per cent of people showed an increase in collagen after the use of this system.
d. The effects start showing just after a week of using the system and in 4 weeks women notice reduction in pigmentation, age spots, keeps the skin soft, smooth and improves blood circulation in the face.
h. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and limited two-year appliance warranty.
i. It consists of a teardrop-shaped Neodymium magnets enriched applicator that targets areas around the nose, chin and eyes.
j. It also has fine and extremely absorbent microfiber pads that penetrate the skin's pores to remove dirt and impurities.
k. It has The Purify foaming deep cleanser containing rosemary, calendula, thyme and anti-aging and antioxidant components including grape seed and apricot kernel extracts.
l. The Reveal nano-exfoliator has millions of micro poly-beads in a light gel to refine skin and uncover fresh new cells.
m. The Quench deep-penetrating moisturizer is a non-oily hydrator provides moisture, anti-oxidants and anti-aging components.
n. There is a guide that helps the customers through the steps of using this system.
o. It costs $199.99 in the US, to buy click here.