If you want to have plump lips, there are number of products which promise luscious lips.

a. Plump Lips from Freeze 24/7 is said to be a perfect one to get you luscious lips and it costs about $40.
b. DuWop Lip Venom makes it possible for you to have plump lips, but this may sting you a little. It is available for $16.00 in all natural shades.
c. Blow Lip Plumper from Urban Decay will give your lips a real bee-stung and a little red look to lips. The price is $17.
d. Lip Injection Extréme is an injectable product with long-term results to plump up your lips. This product is available for $27.50.
e. Sovage's lip plumper ($39) can give a natural plumping look to your lips.
f. Pout Plump is now available in five colors to keep you on cloud nine and you can get it for $24.
g. Lip Fusion Maxi Lip with its collagen content works with your natural collagen. It will enhance both the volume and moisture of your lips with continuous usage. The menthol in it makes you feel cool.