vegan-beauty-products.jpg There is now a small but growing market for cosmetic products that are not only free of any animal byproduct but are also not tested on animals. These are the vegan beauty products. These products are free of petroleum ingredients, beeswax often used in lip balms and mascaras, milk (used in soaps), collagen, carmine (a colorant derived from beetle shells) and animal hair that are used in brushes. Advocates of this trend say that this is a good thing since the skin absorbs 60 per cent of what is put on it. Women are also very attracted to beauty products which have natural ingredients.

How to Look out for Vegan Beauty Products
a. The word organic applies to ingredients grown without petroleum- or sewer-sludge-based fertilizers and most conventional pesticides.
b. Usually, a "Made with organic" label on a product means that 70 per cent to 94.9 per cent of the ingredients in it are organic.
c. Vegan products use herbal extracts for cleansing and essential oils for fragrance.
d. Substitutes for animal ingredients include iron oxides for pigments, coconut and other non-animal-derived oils for cleansing and moisturizing.
e. Sea algae and marigold extracts are used in anti-aging products.
f. Candelilla is used instead of beeswax in mascaras.
g. Mica, zinc oxides and iron oxides are used instead of carmine or beetle shells for the colors of many products.
h. Cruelty-free honey and beeswax are sometimes used.
i. These vegan items are a better alternative to products that contain chemicals and animal derivatives.
j. Some cosmetic companies who are into vegan beauty products are Origins, Urban Decay, Ecco Bella, Beauty Without Cruelty, Zuzu Luxe, David Babaii, Aveda, Avalon Natural Products, Physicians Formula,
k. To check your beauty products chemical composition and beauty ratings, use Cosmeticdatabase - Click here