A new rejuvenation program offered at the The Miami Institute of Age Management, comes with a difference. The 1 year long program, called ENCORE, is luxurious, discreet and customized for each patient. Besides offering cosmetic surgical enhancements, this program also brings about total physical and mental wellbeing. Each patient is treated like royalty and pampered like one. Click here to download the brochure

Highlights of the ENCORE rejuvenation program
a. This is a total rejuvenation program offering health and well being.
b. It is a 21-day program with follow-ups extending to a year.
c. It comprises of spa treatments, cosmetic dentistry, hand rejuvenations, cosmetic surgery, hair and makeup consultations and laser treatments.
d. Patients are assisted by surgeons, physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, personal trainers, aestheticians and beauty and fashion experts.
e. It is customized to meet individual requirements.
f. It is a comprehensive program.
g. Patients fly to Miami on a private jet and are then taken to the Institute where a team of doctors do a full physical investigation.
h. After the investigation, specialists evaluate the patients and advice on the course of treatments and changes.

Highlights of The Miami Institute of Age Management and Intervention
a. This is located at the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower, Brickell Avenue, Miami.
b. This institute is headed by Dr. Julio Gallo.
c. It is spread over an area of 9,000 square-feet.
d. It is equipped with two state-of-the-art surgical suites.
e. It has a luxury suite at the Four Seasons Hotel where patients can recuperate after undergoing the program.
f. Nurses are provided round the clock for 21 days at the luxury suite.
g. The Institute provides a chauffeured Bentley to patients for the duration of their stay.

The cost of the program is $250,000 including one year follow-up and services.