Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami has developed 16 “Spa Lifestyle Rooms for their health conscious visitors. The spa lifestyle guest rooms offer many health and fitness amenities to the hotel guests.

Special Features
a. All the 16 spa lifestyle rooms are equipped with air purification system that filters off allergens. And thus rooms are certified as allergy-friedly.
b. Fitness-themed TV channels are available, 24/7 which has classes on Pilates, Yoga & Body Sculpting including guided relaxation to sleep. Moreover, Yoga and meditation classes are arranged at Spa’s Chi Studio. Spa has in-room fitness & wellness programs that include dumbbell racks, wellness balls. Eco-Yoga mats, organic cotton yoga straps and yoga blocks are arranged to visitors at the comfort of their room.
c. There is a fitness and lifestyle consultant available round the clock for hotel guests.
d. Organic & protein foods are made available to hotel guests round the clock
f. Each room is charged $735 per night to begin with and for reservations online visit