body-lab-spooner.jpg Body Lab a medical spa established by Tami Flach in Spooner, Wisconsin is offering a variety of alternative therapies and Eastern medicine for the entire body.

Alternative Therapies
a. Offers ion cleansing bath, which will draw out waste and toxins from the body and keeps you healthy.
b. A Chinese based therapy called 'Chi' with concept of positive and negative energy within the body and uses movement to create positive energy.
c. Hot House therapy for improving metabolism and cure varicose vein problems, bruises and muscle ligaments. The Hot House therapy involves penetrating heat deep below the skin and expanding blood circulation.
d. Reflexology therapy to relieve stress, improve blood circulation and promote unblocking of nerve impulses.
e. Body Lab offers alternative therapies alongside a quality line of vitamins, supplements, herbs, essential oils, teas and other health and beauty products.

The first session is free for those who do not know about the advantages of alternative therapies. Body Lab is located at W7077 Green Valley Rd. in Spooner, Wisconsin.