The latest revolution in the skin care market is customized treatments based on a person's genetic profile. Mario Russo salon on Newbury Street uses this technology to identify causes of skin aging and then customizes their treatment accordingly. Their Ultra Custom Anti-Aging Treatment is based on this principle.

Procedure Highlights
a. First the Mario Russo Salon uses DNA testing to identify the factors that cause accelerated aging.
b. Based on the results, it makes recommendations and gives patients a special skin cream.
c. This cream is customized for the patient's genetic profile.
d. The entire procedure is separated into 2 appointments.
e. At the first appointment, the patient is given an epidermal peel to freshen the skin and a DNA test is conducted.
f. In the second appointment, the patient is given a 20-minute "LED photopulsation" treatment.
g. The DNA samples are destroyed after the testing but the formula is kept in a file so that the patient can order the cream even at a later date.
h. This treatment rejuvenates and tones the skin and tighten the pores.

$350 for 2 appointments
$160 for a 2 months supply of the cream