Yoga has always been popular and so has other forms of fitness training. Now, there is buff yoga that combines basic yoga postures with endurance training. This innovative fitness program is luring more and more people to join up. It sculpts the entire body, helps posture, takes away the flab and even makes the muscles strong. With a trained instructor, this fitness regime can prove to be the right thing for most people.

Major Benefits
a. It is a fitness program that is a combination of yoga and strength training.
b. It builds resistance and helps the entire body.
c. It helps in body sculpting.
d. This is more challenging for the muscles that traditional exercise.
e. The focus is more on strengthening muscles around the joints.
f. This is highly effective.
g. It should be done under the watchful eyes of an instructor.
h. Buff Yoga is introduced at Crunch Gyms nation wide