In the foothills of Santa Monica Mountains, an hour's drive from Los Angeles airport, there is the $300 million California WellBeing Institute, opening on November 29, 2006. This 270-room luxury hotel has 28-treatment room spa, spread over 20 acres.

Spa Highlights
a. The facility offers multitude of services like triple collagen facial, heart scan and has life advisers and dietitians to aid and assist patients.
b. The owner of the super hotel spa is Dole Food Company chairman David Murdock.
c. The WellBeing Institute offers unprecedented combination of pampering and on-site diagnostic testing. Tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy, mammograms, MRIs ($1,000) and CT scans ($600) that has sophisticated scanners can identify blocked coronary arteries within 10 minutes.
d. The facility also has cosmetic dentists, who can make a crown in just 1 visit.
e. There is separate entrance for celebrities and film personalities.
f. The man-made waterfall has a soothing affect on the mind. The hotel furnishings are in traditional style.
g. The hotel kitchen is experimenting with a new style of haute cuisine. Cuisine is made without butter or cream.
h. The Four Seasons is due to be affiliated with the WellBeing Institute in 2008.
i. Reservations call Toll Free: 888.575.1114 or visit