As per the latest research findings Chocolate, especially cocoa based is found to be rich source of anti-oxidants, that arrests aging signs. Now the Spas have taken a step in this direction and have started using chocolates for body treatments. Chocolates are topically applied on skin, to ward off blemishes, wrinkles and soften the skin.

Therapy Highlights

a. First an exfoliating body scrub is applied on the skin, the body scrub removes dead skin accumulated and dirt which prevent the absorption of beneficial ingredients of cocoa.
b. Next a thick cover of chocolate (blended with essence oils) is applied
c. Then the body is wrapped in a soft silk blanket to enhance the effect. And finally everything is washed off.
d. The chocolate wrap is imported from England, Switzerland and Spain.
e. The chocolate massage treatment is not edible because the chocolate mud is mixed with essence oils