corporate-spa-gifts.jpg Gone are the days where spas were focusing on beauty only. Now the latest spa trends include offering natural remedies, holistic therapies to corporate houses. The goal is to focus at the improvement of overall health rather than beauty. Many Spa’s are also being creative to find additional revenue streams and are coming out with unique blend of products, spa packages, corporate gift packs etc.

Cornelia Day Resort, NY
a. It is selling gift cards to corporate clients. If corporate client purchases gift cards worth more than $5,000, spa gives their employees a set of gift sets that contain natural teas.
b. Cornelia Day Resort specialties include detoxification treatments that cleanses digestive system and aids circulation.
c. The company’s products are sold in upscale store including Victoria Secret.
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Lady Primrose’s Inc, Dallas Texas
a. Its customized spa gifts have become popular among the corporate clients.
b. The company offers custom engraving which adds to personalization of the gifts to every customer. Personal details such as name, title and organization name can be engraved in the spa gifts package.
c. Lady Primorose’s popular Candle aroma, costs $14-$20 is made out of sandalwood, where musk scent is complemented by white flowers.
d. The companies products are sold in Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's in the United States.
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Elemis Spa
a. The company’s gift set for men (G) has products that help take care of men’s skin.
b. Its luxury gift set includes milk bath, cellular recovery skin bliss capsules, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, body balm and shower gel etc.
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