SpaGen-dna-based-nutritional-program.jpg The leading personalized healthcare company, Salugen has launched a comprehensive nutritional support program "SpaGen", available in leading Medical spas of the world. It involves 15-minute health questionnaire, analysis of key genes and health information, to support anti-aging efforts, skin health, weight management and overall wellbeing.

Program Highlights
a. It is a personalized program. No two SpaGen programs are identical.
b. The nature of DNA including nature influence of eating habits, physical activity, prescription medications, healthcare professionals, are taken into consideration.
c. SpaGen program is backed by clinical studies defining 6,000 medical rules; that guide personalization of program. It is done under supervision of healthcare professionals like pharmacists, physicians etc.
d. The one undergoing SpaGen program can purchase an in-spa treatment that has DNA test and health assessment, and then use the insights of that assessment to guide their spa treatments and diet.
e. The facility where nutritional supplements are produced is run as "Green" facility with eco-friendly processes and materials.
f. SpaGen provides your own personalized blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs to balance your body mechanism.
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