Stem cell banking has got a boost with Azani Medical Spa announcing a tie-up with New York based NeoStem. They will offer collection and storage of stem cells from patients. While the spa will take care of the collection procedure, NeoStem will help with the storage. Despite many skeptical critics, this is bound to be greeted with enthusiasm by the scientific community.

Highlights of the Azani Medical Spa, NeoStem tie up
a. Azani will use their spa to collect adult stem cells.
b. The spa will collect the stem cells and Neostem will store them.
c. The process of collecting the stem cells will take about 3 hours.
d. First, a stimulating agent will be given to patients to activate stem cell production.
e. Then, the cells will be collected by drawing blood.
f. These cells will be frozen by NeoStem in Los Angeles using the cryogenic technology.
g. Prospective donors must be 18 years of age and above.
h. They should not have any communicable diseases like HIV or hepatitis.

a. Collection of cells: Around $6,750.
b. Storage: $400 per year

Advantages of storing stem cells
a. The human body will not reject cells collected from its own body tissues.
b. It can be used to treat congestive heart failure, cancer, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, heal wounds and even reduce wrinkles.

a. It deteriorates by about 3 per cent every 20 years.
b. It is very expensive.
c. There is a lot of speculation in this area.