Singapore a tiny island country with 4.4 million population. One of the fastest growing sectors in the country is the cosmetic sector. There are about 3,000 spas, in Singapore offering a variety of traditional beauty therapies. The spas in Singapore are striking a difference by offering therapies like Fish Reflexology and Eyebrow embroidery.

Fish Reflexology
a. In this procedure, visitors’ feet are dipped into small pond, which has tiny fishes. After immersing feet into water the fish eat out the dead skin, on the feet.
b. Thus skin is exfoliated by fish, naturally.
c. The treatment has its origins in Turkey.
d. The procedure has been received well and about 2,000 women have undergone, this new procedure, since inception.
e. Fish reflexology costs $22 Singapore Dollars ( approximately $14 USD ) for a 40-minute session.

Eyebrow Embroidery
a. The procedure is a form of permanent tattoo and involves removing the eyebrow hairs and using a pen-like device, to inject ink under skin.
b. The ink is injected on the eyebrow area, wherein the hairs are plucked.
c. This gives resemblance that is more natural than tattoos.
d. Eyebrow embroidery costs approximately $250 Singapore Dollars.