French cosmetic company Dudur has announced the launch of 'Dudur Day Spa at Home' an all new online service which helps visitors learn about the company’s various skin care techniques, treatments and products. Website visitors can sit in the comfort of their home and learn about various skin care procedures.

Service Offerings
a. The company offers online professional advice on various skin conditions such as cellulite, dry skin, tired legs, foot care and help customer perform day spa treatments at home.
b. Dudur’s day spa products are made from natural marine ingredients from France.
c. The website also lists their top 10 best selling products on every page.
d. Dadur’s top selling product is their slimming treatment, which is priced at $134.99 and comes in a set of six full sized products.
d. For more information about the products and services of Dudur, visit: http://www.dudur.com/