pedicure-risks.jpg Pampering the feet at a salon or spa is a pleasurable engagement. But most people are not aware that there are serious risks involved in getting a pedicure at local salons and foot spas. Unhygienic practices often lead to infections. However, despite lawsuits and testimonies of affected victims, people are rarely careful when getting a pedicure. Moreover, there is no state regulation on proper pedicure practices.

a. Most salons do not properly disinfect or sanitize the whirlpools, drains and filters used in pedicure sessions.
b. It can cause lesions and boils on the legs.
c. It can leave permanent scars.
d. Infections can lead to hefty medical expenses on treatments.

Precautionary Measures
a. Customers should object to the scrubbing of feet with abrasive substance like sea salt, which could break the skin, at salons.
b. One should not shave legs for at least up to 48 hours before a pedicure.
c. Customers should make sure that the drains and jets are flushed and treated with bleach and disinfectants for at least 10 minutes after each pedicure.
d. It is advisable to avoid the whirlpool during the pedicure session.