When you are in Boston, get pampered in a wonderful way at any of these luxurious half day holiday spas, which offer exclusive specialty facials as well as standard services like pedicures, manicures and luxurious steam showers. Though, it is a bit expensive to visit these spas, the luscious services offered in the spas will make you forget the price.

G2O Day Spa
a. This spa offers various treatments such as Rasul Signature treatment, a skin detoxifying service where you are applied different mud to your body and seated in a warm and padded chair and after 25 to 30 minutes, you will be washed with Vichy shower to make you feel
completely refreshed.
b. Warm stone treatment to relax your muscles.
c. Soft Pack treatment combined with shower and massage to make you feel completely clean and nourished.
d. The spa also offers manicures, hair cuts and makeup etc.

A Better Place To Be Spa
a. The spa offers a forty minute Glycolic Foot Treatment, an ideal treatment for your tired feet and also offers relaxation massage, ex foliation, paraffin wax and moisturizing massage.
b. A special facial to make the face clean and relaxed and you will have hand and neck massages during the facial.
c. The spa is not too fancy and the treatments offered in the spa are reasonably priced.

Le Pli Day Spa, Charles Hotel
a. Le Pli Day Spa offers a special facial, which gives you a glowing and refreshing look.
b. Marine Wrap treatment to exfoliate and make the skin completely smooth and soft, during this 20-minute treatment there will be a massage with a delicious smelling gel.
c. This spa is also offering body contour cellulite treatment.

Bella Sante
a. The best offered treatment in this spa is HydraVie Ritual, a facial, which will effectively rejuvenate your skin and during the facial, you will be offered body massage as well.
b. Other than HydraVie Ritual, Bella Sante's also offers another specialty treatment called Reparative Facial treatment.

Emerge Spa & Salon
a. For men, there is Ultimate Shave and Scalp Treatment Hair cut which makes you feel totally different.
b. Rain Drop Therapy is definitely a unique procedure in this spa. The therapy consists of eight different oils, sprinkled on your body and will be massaged into the body.
c. Emerge also offers for you HydroStorm Shower and Rejuvenation Therapy Facial.