This is a new kind of sauna. The Far Infrared Saunas seem to have taken the health conscious world by storm. It not only makes a person feel good but also offers a range of health benefits that help a person combat the pollutions of day to day life.

a. In this kind of sauna, the air is warmed with ceramic heaters that emit healthy infrared radiation.
b. A person is made to sit inside a wooden room where the temperature is 130 to 140 degree.
c. A session can vary from 30 to 60 minutes.
d. There is a lot of sweating in this sauna.
e. It detoxifies the body, gives relief from joint pains, lifts the mood and improves thyroid health.
f. It is ideal for older people who find it difficult to exercise.

Major Benefits
a. It aids in weight loss by burning calories.
b. It helps in the fight against cellulite.
c. It improves the immune system.
d. It rejuvenates the cardiovascular system.

Prices start from $15 for session. Some spa's offer monthly packages which range from $75 - $100.