Today, more and more people are going in for detoxification of their bodies without really knowing what it means. There are many plans that promise detoxification in a week or a month. Besides, the market is full of food products that promise the same. But is it really necessary to detoxify the body periodically? Though some swear by detox plans, there are others who say that these plans and programs do nothing that can't be done by a healthy lifestyle.

Detox risks
a. It is risky to go in for a detox program without being fully aware of its consequences.
b. Some detox products available in the market contain a high level of laxatives.
c. Most detox programs do not take the need of the body for nutrients and minerals into account.
d. It is not necessary for everybody on detox programs to stop their intake of gluten and wheat.
e. Most plans are too painful too stick to.
f. Very often, it requires people to starve themselves.
g. Most detox plans do not follow a balanced diet.