The Japanese have found another use for their popular diet, Ramen noodles. A spa has started offering guests the innovative Ramen bath. The Yunessan spa in Japan's hot spring town of Hakone earlier had chocolate, wine and sake on their menu.

Procedure Highlights
a. This bath is offered by Japan's Yunessan spa in Hakone.
b. Guests can relax in a tub filled with ramen.
c. The noodles used are not edible and are fake noodles dipped in edible soup.
d. Substitute noodle-shaped spa treatments are placed in the bath water.
e. The bath water contains some pork broth.
f. Pepper collagen in the broth improve metabolism and cleans the skin.
g. Some women have noticed acne go away after their dip in the bath.

$29 for a ticket that allows access to all baths.