leech-therapy.jpg Wriggling, blood-sucking leeches may make many people's skin crawl with uneasiness, but there are many who love these creatures for their therapeutic value. Leeches, which have been used in ancient times by physicians, are back with a vengeance. They are being used in many ways from reattaching severed fingers to treating fatal circulation disorders. Now many spas are offering leech therapy as a part of their beauty treatment procedures.

Procedure Highlights
a. It involves the use of highly trained medical leeches.
b. First the patient's whole body is shaved to remove all hair.
c. The patient is then immersed in turpentine.
d. The patient experiences a stinging sensation.
e. When the sensation stops, leeches are allowed to suck the blood from the body.
f. When the leeches bite, they release a little enzyme into the blood stream.
g. It causes bleeding in the patient.
h. This treatment detoxifies the blood and makes a person healthier.
i. It also makes a person look younger.

They may sometimes slip off patients and reattach themselves in unwanted places.

Celebrity Clientèle
Demi Moore