misconceptions-in-a-spa.jpg Anybody who has never visited a spa might have many misconceptions and doubts on how to stay comfortable. There might be instances that one might feel shy or be embarrassed of being naked in front of a stranger. Likewise, a visitor may have many more hidden doubts regarding the spa experience. However many spa experts and spa owners say that, to qualm off the fears of first time visitors, they take exceptional measures to help their visitors disbeliefs and misconceptions vanish.

What spas do to make visitor’s feel comfortable
a. Spa’s ensure to provide a peaceful environment right from time the visitor enters the spa. All the spas’ are equipped Lush green surroundings, aromas and soothing music important to mentally relax the visitors.
b. Professional therapists in the spa’s educate the customers on procedures details. Therapists are well knowledgeable and will clear the doubts of the customers.
c. Spa visitor’s medical history is also evaluated to ensure that there are no abnormalities after the procedures are performed.
d. Even, during the procedure a customer can tell the therapist, what they want. Visitor need not hesitate in this regard.
e. Only the body parts being worked out are exposed. The remaining body is covered with a towel. At the time, while you leave or wear your clothes; the therapist would leave the room.
f. A person with deformities on body part may be embarrassed, when it is exposed. But to note, therapists are licensed professionals and they take it all as the part of their job. So new customers need not feel shy, on such aspects.
g. In almost all the spa's adherence to strict hygiene is a must and health, sanitation standards are maintained in treatment rooms and massage rooms.