dangers-of-medical-spas.jpg Increasing awareness among women about non-invasive cosmetic procedures is leading to Med-Spas sprouting up in every corner and offering quick fix cosmetic procedures. It is important to note that procedures like Botox, Laser therapy, chemical peels including skin re-surfacing can prove fatal, if not performed under supervision of a medical professional. Unfortunately many Med-Spa's are being operated by unqualified persons, in spa settings, throwing people at risk. The California law, under which a doctor must own med-spa, but he need be on site to over-see procedures. Experts are questioning that provision in law is not safe.

Consider the following before visiting Med-Spa
a. Ask for all the risks associated with cosmetic procedure.
b. Avoid the spas that do not ask for your medical history.
c. If you are undergoing laser surgery, check whether it suits your skin.
d. Check, whether there are any complaints on the spa. People can check for complaints with state medical boards.