The color of skin, ethnicity sometimes determines specifically what type of skin problems they are prone to. And there are specialized treatments, to address the concerns of individual skin types. The Ethnic Skin and Hair Clinic, set up by Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois is offering unique skin treatments to treat the skin ailments that are predominant in African Americans. Some of the treatments offered by the clinic are mentioned below.

Treatments offered by the medical center
a. African Americans are more prone to hyper-pigmentation of skin. If it worsens it can develop into keloids. For this a specialty treatment with chemical peeling agents is performed that eliminates outer layers of pigmented skin.
b. The dark Americans also develop razor bumps (pseudofolliculities barbae) that is aggravated with shaving. Subsequently, it makes shaving very difficult. For this a topical board cream is used that controls the problem.
c. For the problems like hair breakage and hair loss in African Americans The Ethnic Skin and Hair Clinic has developed numerous solutions which are giving encouraging results.
d. To know more information about the facility call (312) 942-5000