detox-body-kit.jpg The liver is a critical organ in the body, which controls the fat metabolism and also aids in reducing the toxin levels in the body. A toxic liver’s signs are linked to weight gain, cellulite and fat tummy. Popular TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has some recommendations to detoxify the liver.

Foods & Products which aid in Detoxification
a. Stop eating oily foods, taking excess alcohol and get plenty of sleep.
b. Foods consisting of artificial colors, caffeine and cigarettes can overload the liver.
c. Broccoli, cauliflowers, eggs, bright colored fruits and green leafy vegetables promotes liver health, enabling it to function as good detoxifying organ.
d. “Detox Formula” nutritional supplements created by Amanda Hamilton, also aids improve the functioning of liver.
f. When food is chewed well, its easily digested, also eating meat in moderation is greatly recommended. Experts have also suggested to avoid eating during a walk or running.
g. Psyllium husk powder if added to water or juice and taken twice a day, can help the digestive system.
h. Bath with Epsom salts for 20 minutes can detoxify your body.
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j. The Detox formula is priced at £99.95 for a 14 Day Detox Kit