The Czech Republic is seeing a resurgence of ancient treatment methods. Spas and salons are catching on to the trend and offering more and more innovative therapies that were in use in ancient times. People are queuing up for these therapies some of which require the use of leeches and larvae.

Highlights of Cryotherapy
a. In this procedure, a person is put inside a cryogenic chamber for a couple of minutes with their ears, mouth, hand and feet protected.
b. This chamber is cooled with liquid nitrogen to minus 100 to minus 160 degrees centigrade.
c. There is no age bar for this procedure.
d. It helps people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, cellulitis, chronic joint aches and migraine.
e. It can help athletes to regenerate their muscles and joints.
f. It is also ideal for the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis.

a. This should not be done on a person with pacemaker.
b. It is also not recommended for patients of cardiovascular diseases and tumors.

Highlights of the Fish Therapy
a. This procedure originated in Turkish spas.
b. This involves the use of a special species of fish, Garra Rufa.
c. Patients are required to enter pools that have these fish in them.
d. The fish eat the skin of psoriasis patients.
e. Only the affected skin is consumed and the rest of the skin is left alone.
f. It leaves patients with a healthy, radiant skin.

Highlights of the Blowfly Therapy
a. This method involves the use of the blowfly larvae.
b. This treatment effectively purifies superlative wounds.
c. It can also heal serious crural ulcers.
d. The larvae eat the dead tissue and leaves the healthy tissues alone.
e. It can be used to heal wounds of diabetic patients and bedsores.
f. It can be used to clean wounds before skin transplants.
g. It was supposedly used in the early 19th century and was relegated to the background after the advent of antibiotics.
h. It has been approved by the Scientific Council of the health ministry of the Czech Republic.

Highlights of the Leech Treatment
a. This is a common procedure in Asian medicine, former Soviet Union and the United States.
b. It is used in plastic surgery to reduce the risk of post-operative edemas.
c. In microsurgery it is used to remove coagulated blood from wounds or unblock vessels.
d. Leech saliva is a known anti-coagulant.
e. It can also be used to treat hypertension.

Highlights of Beer Baths
a. In this therapy, customers are required to get into tubs that contain crushed hops.
b. This works as a peeling agent.
c. After this, beer yeast is added and at the end, about eight to ten liters of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer is poured into the tub.
d. Vitamins, minerals and other natural substances are also added.
e. The entire procedure takes 25 around minutes.
f. It improves circulation and skin nutrition.
g. It helps in the removal of acne and cellulites.
h. It reduces fatigue and psoriasis symptoms.