painfully-beautiful.jpg For many staying beautiful and looking good is an obsession. Some women are willing to go to any length for the sake of looking good. Be it waxing, threading or applying all sorts of chemical peels, is it really worth it. Surely, there are some not so painful ways of maintaining good looks. Some experts questions if inflicting pain on yourself in the name of beauty is doing any good ?

Important considerations
a. Waxing can leave one with abrasions and skin peeling. Waxing one's legs and arms is still ok but eyebrows are a big no.
b. For hair removal threading, is recommended and is not as painful as waxing.
c. Women who perform pore extractions at home, where the face is pinched hard to clean the pores. It can leave one with purple bruises all over the face. It is best left to professionals.
d. Eggs are great for hair. But if the hair is not rinsed using cold water, one can get a hairful of cooked eggs.
e. Grapefruit juice bleaches the nails wonderfully. But if you have a cut, brace yourself for the biting pain.
f. An oatmeal bath is highly recommended, But beware of the hard residue clinging to your bath tub.
g. Mashed bananas improve the quality of hair and make it smooth and silky. But getting it out of the hair later will probably take up the rest of the day.
h. Microdermabrasion 'do at home' kits can leave one with raw cheeks.
i. Chemical peels contain acid that burns the top layer of the skin.
j. Facial peels that use Alphahydroxy acids (AHA) can cause pain, redness and peeling.