There is good news for sauna enthusiasts. There is now a portable and compact sauna in the market that can be folded up and stored and also carried everywhere. Saunas usually mean a trip to an expensive spa or clinic. The Compact Sauna makes it possible for people to enjoy the luxury of a steam bath without leaving their home.

Product Highlights

a. This is a portable sauna.
b. It is collapsible and can be folded and stored when not in use.
c. It cleanses the pores, reduces stress and relaxes the body.
d. It takes just about 6 minutes to set up this sauna.
e. It is powered by electricity and can be run on a standard 240V power source.
f. It comes with a water reservoir that needs to be refilled after 2 to 3 uses.
g. The heating unit shuts off automatically.
h. It comes with a moisture-resistant vinyl covering.
i. The heat goes up to 115 degree Fahrenheit.
j. It is lightweight and durable.
k. It is reasonably priced.
l. It can be bought online from

Major Benefits
a. Compact Saunas help in weight loss by increasing the metabolism.
b. It reduces stress, aches and pains.
c. It helps in the fight against cellulite.
d. It improves circulation and helps decongest sinus and chest.
e. It detoxifies the body.

The cost of Compact Saunas is approximately $200 - Click here to buy now