Now spas have new solutions to over-working, stressed hi-tech employees. These new therapies are being well received by tech professionals.

New Spa Services
a. Purity plus Facial: Is performed to clean clogged pores, breakouts resulting out of overusing cell phone. The procedure involves use of herbal mask, steam treatment and is completed in an hour. Costs $185.
b. Blackberry Thumb: This is a stress related injury, caused due to over use of cellular devices and is recognized by American Physical Therapy Association. To relieve blackberry thumb specialized hand massages are done to relieve the symptoms of Blackberry Thumb.
c. Tech Neck therapy: Caused by typing on laptop. The therapy involves massages that feature deep muscle pressure. This relaxes shoulders, neck and arms.

Spa's offering specialized services to tech professionals
Completely bare salons is offering purity plus facials
Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa in midtown Manhattan offering Tech Neck therapy
Graceful services spa in New York is offering Tech neck and Blackberry thumb