The recently, opened THA Medical Spa on the campus of Decatur Memorial Hospital in the East Plaza, is offering medical grade treatments to heal skin ailments. For the patients who wish to have more than the average neck massage or manicure, it is a must place to visit. Only the time tested procedures which really work are done here.

Spa Highlights
a. The Spa has treatment rooms, steam shower room and lounge area for patients to relax and take healthy snack between treatments.
b. The doors have black and metallic fixtures combine with lavender walls offering trendy and calming atmosphere in each room.
c. The treatments one actually need are advised here by the consultants. The facial peel, massage treatment, or any other treatment is accompanied with relaxing music.
d. Customers are given a chance to relax after each treatment.
e. Before all skin treatments a machine by name Visia Complexion Analysis is used to analyze digitally to deliver a custome designed care based on the make-up of the skin.
f. This test helps to determine the level of scarring, wrinkles and sun damage. The customers can check the results of the treatments after 6 months, by watching the difference in their photographs.