Thai-Compress-Massage.jpg The Thai Compress Massage is originated from Thailand and is being offered by Harmony health and beauty salon in Glasgow. This is said to be a perfect massage for you to get rid of cellulite.

Major Benefits
a. Though this procedure originated in Thailand, its entirely different from traditional Thai massages.
b. The therapist will cover the total body with two big bags which are filled with 20 natural ingredients including lime, ginger and lemongrass to effectively show their impact on trouble areas and also to improve blood circulation.
c. Besides circulation the lymphatic and nervous system also get benefited with this massage.
d. The anti-oxidants in the massage bags (made from muslin) will keep away premature aging and some diseases as well.
e. For face and neck small bags are used. There is also available massage with mix of ylang ylang and nutmeg.
f. The price starts at £25 for a back, neck and shoulder treatment.
g. You can get the massage at Harmony health and beauty salon, 51 Ashore Road, Glasgow or call 0141 633 5111.