Reflexology is an ancient healing art that dates back to the ancient Asian and Egyptian civilizations. The basic theme of reflexology is that the numerous nerve endings in the foot are associated to the various organs in the body. These points in the foot can be stimulated to correct bodily ailments. Various massage and pressure techniques are applied to corresponding spots on the foot to relieve of bodily aliments.

Therapy Benefits
a. Pressure is applied on feet using thumb and fingers. Each point, for example toes correspond to sinuses, head brain etc.
b. Initially, massage is done to warm up the feet. And the trouble spots are identified by experiencing the sensations by touching the feet.
c. After undergoing reflexology session, each one is advised to drink lot of water to stay hydrated. A gel is used to rub the feet making it cool.
d. Although the therapy has no scientific base, reflexology is performed in spas, resorts, etc.
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