With so many overweight people in the world, the fitness industry is booming. Every city has an endless number of spas and fitness centers. But how do you choose the right one that suits your budget and convenience? Read on to know how to go about choosing the right spa for yourself.

How to find the right spa
a. The best way is to go to a website that gives information on spas. There will be a detailed list of spas in the site. One can try out allows you to look for a spa by city or by keyword if you know a name. The site also allows you to look by categories, treatment options, facilities and amenities, activities available, food types and location.
b. Another popular website, allows you to search spas by popular experience, offers a bunch of Gateway specials and also numerous videos of spa exteriors.
c. Another method is to go through a spa magazine. For a list of such magazines, one can go to and
d. One can also try the International Spa Association which has a list of medical spas. But this should be used more as an advisory board.