Move over, oils and salts. The snakes are here. An Israeli spa is now offering therapeutic snake massages to sooth and relieve aching joints and muscles. Ada Barak is a spa owner in with a difference. She is not afraid to experiment. She has introduced this innovative massage and the reports are not bad. Customers who have tried out this massage claim to have benefited from the slippery and creepy slithering of reptiles across their bodies.

Major Features
a. This massage is the high point of Ada Barak's spa in northern Israel.
b. There are 6 non-venomous serpents that slither across a client's body.
c. This massage is believed to sooth aching muscles and joints.
d. Customers who have tried out this massage claim that the therapeutic effects are amazing.
e. California and Florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes are used in this treatment.
f. It costs just $70 .