ayurveda-treatments.jpg A holistic therapy that originated around 2000 years ago has gripped the imagination of people looking for healing procedures. India is currently offering this healing method to wealthy tourists who are queuing up for it in the country's various spas, resorts and hotels. Even some pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic firms have joined in and are now offering a range of herbal and ayurvedic products containing combinations of herbs, spices, flowers and fruits like saffron, basil and green apple. Cosmetic giant L'Oreal is also believed to come out with skin care products which are based out of Ayurveda.

Treatment Benefits
a. Ayurveda is a 2000 year old mythological and scientific combination of religion and philosophy.
b. During the early 19th century, the popularity of of Ayurveda suffered under the British Rule.
d. It has now emerged as the most popular holistic therapy offered by India.
e. It can treat anything from acne, wounds, digestion problems, diabetes, hair loss, etc.
f. It uses herbs, minerals and metals believed to have therapeutic effects.
g. The services are varied from basic head massage to a detox scrub to a body wrap.
h. It can take anything from 45 minutes to about five hours, depending on the service chosen.
i. Typical costs of Ayurveda treatments cost around $2 to $200 in India Spas
j. However some experts in the US and Britain warn that ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metals like lead, mercury and arsenic in ayurvedic products.