Stretch marks are ugly and, if visible, can contribute in eroding a person's self confidence. There are numerous ways to get rid of stretch marks and surgical removal is one among them. However, there are certain non-invasive procedures that work just as well. It is important to remember that it is easier to remove stretch marks if action is taken fast, than wait a long period of time to have them removed. It is also better to consult a dermatologist about the procedure to follow.

a. Stretch marks are easier to remove if treatment starts immediately.
b. Different patients respond differently and results may vary from patient to patient.
c. Maintaining an ideal weight will keep stretch marks at bay.
d. According to research, tretinoin cream (Retin-A, Renova) may be effective in reducing stretch marks that are less than six weeks old.
e. This cream should be avoided during pregnancy.
f. Pulsed dye laser therapy can help in removing newly formed stretch marks by stimulating the growth of fibroblasts, cells that help produce the elastic tissues collagen and elastin.
g. Microdermabrasion is useful in removal of older marks.
h. The Excimer laser therapy is also effective for older marks since it repigments the skin by stimulating melanin production.