There will soon be a fast, effective and non-invasive way to significantly reduce stretch marks. It has now been clinically proven that Pollogen's advanced aesthetic solution Regen based on its TriPollar radio frequency technology is effective in treating stretch marks or striae distensae. The peer reviewed paper of the trials, entitled Treatment of striae distensae with a TriPollar radiofrequency device: a pilot study, authored by Dr Manuskiatti and colleagues is published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment.

Highlights of the clinical study
a. This study was conducted on 17 women with stretch marks.
b. The volunteers underwent six weekly treatments with regen.
c. It was seen that one week after the final treatment, 38.2 per cent and 11.8 per cent of the patients exhibited 25-50 per cent and 51-75 per cent improvement in the appearance of stretch marks respectively.
d. All patients reported improvement in appearance of stretch marks.
e. The treatment confirmed the long term effects of the solution.
f. 65 per cent of the patients were very satisfied with the treatment, 23 per cent were satisfied and 12 per cent were slightly satisfied.
g. This study confirms that collagen remodeling by RF heating is effective in improving the surface appearance of stretch marks.
h. There is hardly any downtime and almost no pain.
i. This is an effective, safe and easy treatment.