Men and women around the world suffer from stretch marks. This is particularly true for women who have undergone pregnancy and for body builders. Though there are many products in the market to treat stretch marks, not many are effective in treating all kinds of stretch marks. Now there is the TriLASTIN-SR that not only prevents stretch marks but can also repairs it.

Cream Highlights
a. This is a topical body cream.
b. It prevents and treats stretch marks.
c. It is safe and can be used by anybody.
d. Clinical trials have proved the efficacy of this product.
e. It can reduce and remove the appearance of stretch mark scars in just 30 days.
f. This product is a combination of two technologies.
g. The Virtual Patch is used to seal in the healing and hydrating agents of the cream over the treated area.
h. Then Filling Spheres is deposited in the scar furrows to moisture the surrounding tissues with collagen.
i. This product also makes the skin toned and improves texture.
j. It contains elastin, collagen and soy protein.
k. For best results, it should be used in the morning and night.
l. Experts are calling TriLastin-SR better than StriVectin-SD®

The cost of a 6 oz. tube is $79.95. To buy click here